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OnPoint PCR

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Transform your engagements and unlock your firm’s capacity.

When working on preparation, compilation, and review (PCR) engagements, how much of your time is spent doing repetitive tasks, managing the details around planning the engagement, ensuring you’re completing the right checklists or the right procedures within checklists, or tracking communications and following up on requests to clients?

OnPoint PCR combines AICPA methodology and guidance with CaseWare’s dynamic new cloud platform, to transform how preparation, compilation, and review engagements are done.

With OnPoint PCR, each engagement begins with a set of basic questions, from which the tool will build out a streamlined set of checklists depending on your answers to those questions. Engagement letters and other standard reports are dynamically generated as you step through this process and import your client’s trial balance. The system dynamically scales in complexity along with the information you enter, building out an approach that facilitates compliance with accounting and review standards as you add information, without adding unnecessary steps. This generates an optimized engagement for each client.

The system also allows you to customize the engagement to add procedures or special considerations based on your knowledge of the client and industry, or to incorporate your firm-specific procedures and methodology. This bottom-up approach to engagements that allows for customization, ensures you can reduce overwork while still providing the key insights your clients value most.