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March 2018 Payroll Channel


Top Payroll Blogs & Social Media

5 Proven Strategies to Retain Top Talent. Corpnet blog.

The 6 Best and Worst Cities for Small Bi Hiring. Sonya Mann, Inc.

Impact of Oregon’s Equal Pay Act. Jennifer Kiesewetter, ADP Boost blog.

Payroll Filing Deadlines for 2018. James Paille, Thomson Reuters blog.

3 Steps to Reduce Employee Tardiness. SwipeClock blog.




Payroll News

3 Steps to Reduce Employee Tardiness. Employee tardiness can chip away at your profitability. Here are 3 easy steps to reduce employee tardiness with an automated employee attendance tracker.

44% of Professionals Lose Sleep Over Work. More than four in 10 professionals often lose sleep over work. Common reasons include an overwhelming workload, a looming business problem and strained coworker relationships.

Vacation Time & Company Culture Top List of Worker Concerns. U.S. accounting firms that use advancement programs for promoting women to leadership positions overwhelmingly view them as effective tools in recruiting and retaining talent.

Are We Too Hard on Millennials? Are Americans between the ages of 22 and 37 really responsible for this country’s economic ruin? Are they somehow less financially savvy than those that came before?

Wages Grew for Most U.S. Workers in 2017. While many workers finally have hourly wages higher than before the Great Recession, large gaps by gender, race, and wage level remain—and some of these gaps are increasing.




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March 2018 Tax Channel

Top Tax Blogs & Social Media New Tariffs Won’t Work as Planned. Scott A. Hodge, Tax Foundation. State Legislation for Online Sales Tax is All Over the Map. Avalara blog. Mnuchin Says IRS Needs More Funding.  From the Wolters Kluwer blog. Tax Evasion Can Contribute to Loss of Professional License. Tax Lawyer blog. Tax Reform […]


March 2018 Firm Management Channel

Top Firm Management Blogs & Social Media 12 Signs Your Firm is Not Acquisition-Ready. Marc Rosenberg Blog. Deloitte Pays UK Women 43% Less than Men. David Hellier from Bloomberg. 4 Olympic Sports Accountants Can Learn From. Thomas Curley from Sageworks blog. How to Fire a Client, and How to Prevent Needing to. Stacy Kildal from […]