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March 2018 Firm Management Channel


Top Firm Management Blogs & Social Media

12 Signs Your Firm is Not Acquisition-Ready. Marc Rosenberg Blog.

Deloitte Pays UK Women 43% Less than Men. David Hellier from Bloomberg.

4 Olympic Sports Accountants Can Learn From. Thomas Curley from Sageworks blog.

How to Fire a Client, and How to Prevent Needing to. Stacy Kildal from Firm of the Future.

India Bans PwC from Auditing for 2 Years. CNN Money.



Firm Management News

Accounting Thought Leaders Focus on Disruption. Nearly 30 of the most influential thought leaders in the accounting profession gathered for CPA Practice Advisor‘s 10th annual Thought Leader Symposium in Indianapolis, March 4-6.

7 Questions to Gain More Biz Valuation Engagements. Generating these engagements starts by asking several questions that help business owners recognize the need to build economic value and to plan for the future.

3 Value Pricing Alternatives for Accountants. Fixed-fee pricing is often used for repetitive services, such as tax preparation. It allows the accounting firm to develop and explain up front the varying levels of services and fees.

What the CIA Can Teach Accounting Firms About Recruiting Women Rarely would we argue that suggestions from a government agency fall in the category of, “common sense.” Yet in this case, what’s good the CIA is good for CPAs.

12 Must-Haves to Make Partner. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every partner in every firm was a star partner?  For almost all firms, this is an impossible dream.



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March 2018 Payroll Channel

Top Payroll Blogs & Social Media 5 Proven Strategies to Retain Top Talent. Corpnet blog. The 6 Best and Worst Cities for Small Bi Hiring. Sonya Mann, Inc. Impact of Oregon’s Equal Pay Act. Jennifer Kiesewetter, ADP Boost blog. Payroll Filing Deadlines for 2018. James Paille, Thomson Reuters blog. 3 Steps to Reduce Employee Tardiness. […]


Undercover Operation Results in New Version of FreshBooks

When the transition occurred in mid-2017, anyone who signed up for FreshBooks as a new customer got the new product. “We started inviting our existing customers to try out and switch to the new version. They would receive the invite, log into their ...