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Three Marketing Strategies for CPAs With Medical Practice Clients


If your firm specializes in medical or dental practice clients, addressing their pain points is just as important to them as them addressing their patients’ pain points. But how do you do it?

Begin by knowing who your target market is. Is it small, family practices, large organizations, such as hospitals, or is it specialists in specific industries?

Knowing who you want to attract will help you to create a marketing strategy to help increase engagement, to generate leads, and to enhance your firm’s branding.

Here’s how:

Consider the pain points your target market clients have. List them and tackle each pain point in a blog article or video for your website. Tackle only one topic at a time. For example, in 2015, PR Newswire conducted a survey focused on healthcare providers’ top pain points. It resulted in sluggish technology as the top pain. AMA Wire also identified top pain point issues, including the time required to input data, systems not matching the practice’s workflow, and the inability to exchange information between practice offices.

How could your firm address those pain points? What suggestions could you offer that have a unique perspective?

Once you have several posts on your site, link them together in an “Additional Resources” section at the bottom of each post. Remember, no hard selling. Keep the post about the facts, solutions, and a call to action to contact you for more information or a consultation.

Once the posts have been added to your website, share them in social media and in online groups where your target market hang out. Remember to add relevant hashtags to the social media posts. is a great resource to help you find the most popular hashtags.

Another interesting way to reach your target market is with Twitter lists. Twitter lists allow you to create a list of Tweeps (profiles) that you can send targeted Tweets. Research your top prospects. Find their Twitter handle. Add those handles to a Twitter list. Create a series of Tweets you want to send using this formula, @YourFirmHandle/ListName Insert your tweet. [link to your blog post] #Dentist #DentalPracticeTips. Then schedule the series of Tweets over a period of weeks.

Finally, consider more traditional marketing avenues, such as email and print materials to send a message directly to your clients. Include a compelling image, interesting headline, and link to your blog or video. Then encourage them to share the information.

Now that you have three tips, which of these techniques will you begin using in 2017?




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