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2016 Review of Celerant Command Retail

Designed for larger retailers with more complex needs, Command Retail offers excellent system customization as well as excellent back office and inventory management capability. The product can be individually tailored to meet the needs of a variety ...


Best Fit: Command Retail, from Celerant Technology Corporation is a comprehensive Point of Sale/Financial Management software product designed for larger retailers with more complex needs.

Product Strengths

  • Completely integrated e-Commerce capability
  • Offers multi-warehouse management
  • Solid customization capability
  • Offers good business analytics
  • Product integrates with other accounting applications

Potential Limitations

  • Complex system may not be suitable for smaller businesses
  • Product requires extensive training

Designed for larger retailers with more complex needs, Command Retail offers excellent system customization as well as excellent back office and inventory management capability. The product can be individually tailored to meet the needs of a variety of industries including Apparel, Specialty Food, Sporting Goods, Gift, Hardware, Furniture, and others.

From the 2016 Reviews of Point-of-Sale Systems.


Command Retail’s main user interface screen is easily navigated, with a vertical menu to the left that offers access to all system functions. Selecting a tab will create an additional drop-down menu specific to the tab selected. Like the user interface, all data entry screens are easily navigated, with additional function buttons found throughout. The POS entry screen is well-designed and completely customizable, with a keypad taking center stage. To the left of the keypad are function icons offering additional options. Users can quickly scan items or use a touch screen monitor for processing sales transactions.

Highly functional, users can process just about any kind of POS related transaction from this interface, including accessing customer data, checking inventory levels, checking pricing on a specific item, and processing regular and special order sales. Users can choose to utilize the ‘cash’ sale, where customer information is not recorded, or attach a sales transaction to a customer. Like the POS interface, the other data entry screens are fully customizable as well.

Command Retail offers complete front office/back office functionality and offers an excellent variety of system modules along with the POS module, which include Sales Back Office, Fulfillment, Inventory, Warehouse, Pricing, Transfers, Purchase Orders, Physical Inventory, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Open to Buy, Accounts Receivable, Contacts, Mail, Analysis, Datamining, Settings, Misc. Categories, CRM, Buy/Trade and Service, and Shipping.

Command Retail is designed to work on a variety of operating systems including Windows, UNIX, Mac, and Linux. System security options are excellent in the product, with all users assigned a unique user name and password in order to access the system. Managers also have the option of utilizing additional security measures such as finger print security. Specific rights can also be assigned, so managers can restrict certain functions such as processing returns, system voids, price change adjustments, and discounts. In addition, all cashier activity is meticulously tracked in Command Retail, including all system transactions, refunds, voids, discounts, and returns. In addition, cash drawer activity is also monitored, as is the use of employee discounts.

Command Retail offers users a series of dashboards that can be custom designed to reflect vital data as needed. The program contains excellent look up options throughout, and is optimally designed so that users can complete more than one task from a single screen, such as accessing, editing, or entering customer information, product data, and even adjusting pricing levels as needed. The product easily handles multiple locations, and users can enter multiple transaction types such as standard sales, layaways, special orders, and inventory adjustments easily. The comprehensive Inventory module allows users to assign multiple pricing levels for any product as well as assign special pricing levels for specific campaigns and sales events.

Multi-warehouse management is available in Command Retail, allowing managers to track and monitor inventory levels for all locations. The product also offers complete e-Commerce functionality for those with a thriving web store. One of the new features in Command Retail is the Multi-Channel option, where users can easily integrate all aspect of their store sales, including catalog, mail order, phone, and web sales. For those with multiple or remote locations, a kiosk can be set up for customers to check on inventory availability, pricing levels, or for special orders such as bridal and shower registry.


Command Retail allows users to utilize a standard monitor or touch screen monitor as desired. Command Retail’s e-Commerce module integrates with any brick and mortar store, eliminating duplicate data entry, and ensuring the inventory levels are always current. The product can accept up to 24 different tender types, and cashiers can easily accept multiple tender types for any sales related transaction.

Users can easily track customer data by entering customer information during a sales transaction. Customers can be sent targeted mailings, based on various membership levels, purchasing levels, or even customer demographics. Promotional campaigns can be managed via email or standard mail, and the product also supports loyalty cards and buying clubs as well. Users can also opt to use coupons during a campaign in order to measure the level of success.


Command Retail offers an excellent selection of reports, with all reports processed using Crystal Reports. Reports can be easily customized as needed, and users can export reports to Excel, HTML, and other formats. Reports are processed in real time for added convenience. Multi-level inventory management is available with the product, with users able to track inventory for multiple stores at multiple warehouses. The product offers solid inventory reporting options including top sellers, sell-throughs, markdown levels, inventory history, sales audit, and a host of others, including tracking sales levels by time of day.

Those managing multiple locations can also run a store sales comparison report. Customer demographics can be easily monitored using the CRM and Buying Club module, with users able to enter custom data in the user defined fields for additional tracking levels.

Command Retail also offers a great selection of Analysis reports including individual store analysis, customer analysis that targets special geographic regions, and purchasing reports to track expenditures. The product also maintains a record of all transactions, including cancelled sales, discounts, overrides, and voids.


Command Retail offers a completed integrated GL function, or users can choose to export data to a variety of accounting applications including QuickBooks, MAS 90/200 and Microsoft Dynamics GP. A hosted version of the product is available if desired, and retailers have the option to also implement a mobile version of their e-Commerce site that can be used with smartphones and tablets. Command Retail offers integration with a variety of shipping methods including UPS, FedEx, and USPS. The product easily integrates with all standard POS hardware peripherals including touch screen monitors, key pads, pole displays, bar code scanners, employee time clocks, signature capture devices, and receipt printers.  


Command Retail offers excellent help functionality. New product users can register on the website in order to gain access to a variety of tools including training videos, product updates, and a product demo. All new customers are assigned to an implementation team that will assist in product transition. All staff will also undergo in-depth training on the product. Product support options vary, with regular support available during business hours.


Command Retail is an excellent product for retailers with multiple locations that require more extensive inventory and e-Commerce capability. Pricing is available upon request.

2016 Overall Rating: 5 Stars






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