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2016 Review of AccuPOS Point of Sale Software

AccuPOS is a stand-alone point of sale product designed to work with QuickBooks financial products and Sage accounting products. Designed specifically for restaurants and retail stores, AccuPOS offers a series of discount bundles that include everything n



  • New intuitive interface and customization options
  • Strong security and inventory management options
  • Good integration with QuickBooks


  • No support for Apple products
  • Does not have integration with ecommerce

AccuPOS is a stand-alone point of sale product designed to work with QuickBooks financial products and Sage accounting products. Designed specifically for restaurants and retail stores, AccuPOS offers a series of discount bundles that include everything needed for the business owner. AccuPOS can be installed on a PC or Android device, but the product is currently not available for Apple hardware at this time.

From the 2016 Reviews of Point-of-Sale Systems.


The newest generation of AccuPOS offers users a much simpler user interface than the previous version. AccuSERVER has been added to this latest version to serve as a conduit between the management computer, where system setup and security is maintained, and the point of sale stations. The latest version of the management main screen still contains a drop-down menu at the top of the screen, along with four sections where users can choose to customize the POS interface to suit their needs, as well as enter front end details such as setting of POS keys.

The Back End section is where users and system security information is entered and maintained, along with a section to manage items, inventory, and customers. The other two sections are comprised by the Resources area, where users can access support, and the news section, where current news information is posted. Designed for restaurants, bars and retail stores, AccuPOS allows users to choose the business type that is right for them. AccuPOS supports unlimited POS stations, with the front of store part installable on unlimited PC’s and Android devices as needed. Security is multi-level, with users able to add as many users, create unlimited user groups, and security levels as needed, with each level provided with the level of system access accorded to their specific position.

AccuPOS easily handles multiple transaction entry types, including the ability to process standard sales, reopening a closed order, item returns, gift card sales, and receipt reprinting. Because the majority of back end functionality comes from third party accounting applications, additional system options such as warehouse management, mail order, and order entry functionality will vary. The POS sales entry screen has been updated as well, with the ability to now edit line item data using an enlarged sales processing area. Function buttons are found at the top right of the screen that allows users one-button access to frequently used processes. Menu buttons have also been enlarged.   


AccuPOS offers complete touch screen technology, but users can opt to utilize the system on a PC, tablet, or Android device. Each product version is designed specifically for that particular market, so the bar version of AccuPOS would vary greatly from the gift store version of the product. Users can accept up to 15 different tender types, with cashiers able to accept multiple tenders for each transaction. Customer data is typically stored in the accounting software that is used with AccuPOS and can be imported into the POS product for quick customer management and tracking during the sales process. Customer purchases can be tracked in order to award loyalty points, along with targeted emailing and other marketing options.


AccuPOS offers a solid variety of management reports, including an All Transactions History, Cancelled Transaction Report, Inventory Report, Items Sold Report, and a wide variety of sales related reports. All reports are processed in real time, and users can track item movement with reports such as Items Sold by Hour, Items Sold, and Sales by Hour. Options are also available to print customer and inventory reports as needed.

More sophisticated management reports can likely be processed by backend accounting software. Management reports also provides supervisors with excellent audit information, such as all transactions with voids, all transactions with discounts, all credit card transactions, and sales data by system user. For additional inventory functionality the optional AccuCOUNT Inventory system allows users to easily manage inventory levels and link totals to their back end accounting system. The online web reports allow users to easily run a variety of reports from any location with Internet connectivity.


AccuPOS is designed to integrate with QuickBooks and Sage Financial products using the AccuPOS Adapter.   The product also can be used with any Android device, for mobile point of sales functionality. AccuPOS offers a variety of bundled software/hardware options for various retail and restaurant markets which includes POS software for one station, an all-in-one touchscreen PC, Heavy Duty Cash Drawer, Thermal Receipt Printer, and Magnetic Card Reader. Additional stations can be added as needed. For tracking employee hours, the optional AccuSHIFT Time and Attendance features allows employees to easily log in and out of the system, tracking hours worked.


Though an important feature for any software product, POS users are particularly vulnerable. While most people will spend their whole lives never having to deal with a crashed system, when one does happen, it’s much more than an inconvenience to the retail or restaurant business owner. It can mean the difference between continuing to ring up sales and closing the door. AccuPOS offers product support during extended business hours, and also offers all users 24/7 emergency support of additional peace of mind. Support can be accessed via telephone or email, as needed. Telephone and remote desktop training is available, as is an extensive selection of training videos, training manuals, and help files.


AccuPOS is an excellent choice for QuickBooks and Sage accounting product users. Offering a refreshed user interface, and excellent help and support options, AccuPOS can be purchased in bundles for a complete POS solution. Visit their website to download a free demo, and request a price quote.

2016 Overall Rating: 4.25 Stars



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