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Firm Management

Prep Your Firm’s Marketing Plan Now for New Clients in the Fall

Prep your marketing plan for all fall leads.


The last quarter of the year is right around the corner. Now is a great time to begin prospecting for the fall and winter months. Here are several tips you can use to market to new prospects while keeping current clients engaged.

  1. Budget. Review your marketing budget. Review what’s left to be accomplished and ensure you have the budget to support those efforts.
  2. Opportunity. Identify a marketing opportunity that will have the potential for strong leads. Make that opportunity a priority, for example, a conference. Put the effort behind the tools needed. You will need business cards, sell sheets, website landing pages, contact pages, and maybe a downloadable piece, such as a white paper, ebook, or tip sheet.
  3. Networking. Review your target market and the research you’ve done to locate those people. Summer is a great time to invite people to lunch, to schedule a meeting, to have dinner, to go golfing, etc.
  4. Materials. Buy the marketing materials needed, such as stock photos, for an early fall promotion, whether that’s on social media, search engines, a post card or mailer, etc. Begin writing the copy and developing a catch phrase and call to action to entice people to contact you. If you don’t have the bandwidth to do the tasks in house, look for a subcontractor to help you out.
  5. Update. Update your social media profiles with new / current information. Change your photo to keep things fresh. Consider adding a new certification, event, or course you’ve been taking – even if it’s not accounting related. Sometimes hobbies can help you generate leads too.

Each of these steps is done to help increase leads. By updating social media profiles, creating lead-generation materials, or networking you are creating new opportunities for leads. Enjoy the summer, but keep the fall leads in sight as well.