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The completely web-based system offers simple filing for small businesses with lower volumes of W-2s and 1099s, allowing users to easily log in and enter data, electronically file to federal and states, and then generate recipient copies. can be used directly by small business entities or by professionals managing the process for multiple clients, with the interface providing a payer selection list that shows the company name, tax year and form type, along with the status of a return. The system supports filings of basic forms W-2 and 1099-MISC. Since copy A of these forms is filed electronically, there is no need for forms W-3 or 1096, which are only for paper-based submissions. All other copies, including recipient copies, can be printed on plain paper and mailed with standard window envelopes or saved to PDF.

The program’s screens are easy to understand, with buttons for adding new filing businesses or the user accessing a previously created one to enter new recipient data, with information entered directly onto exact form replicas and payer data automatically populated. For W-2s, an auto-calculate feature is also available for Social Security and Medicare withholdings.

The price to use for preparation, e-filing and printing is a flat rate of $3.49 per form. Users can create an account and perform all data entry without having to enter payment information until ready to file and print or save a form to PDF. The system also offers preparation of previous year forms.’s back-end compliance functions are powered by the 1099 Express program.

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