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Tenenz Adds W-2/1099 E-Filing to Laser Link and TFP 20.10





Tenenz has long been known as a supplier of tax forms, folders, newsletters, organizers and other paper-based supplies for tax and accounting professionals. However, the company also offers software for year-end information reporting and tax estimating. The company’s two W-2/1099 products are Laser Link (for preparation of forms W-2 and 1099 to blank or pre-printed stock) and TFP 20.10 (for W-2 and 1099 data to pre-printed forms).

Both programs are designed to fill in the gap left by some professional write-up and business accounting programs that lack annual form updates, providing for preparation and guidance with support for managing compliance needs for multiple payers/employers. The template-based systems provide simple interfaces that are easy to learn and use, with basic core functions that enable users to quickly produce fileable returns.

New for 2010, both TFP 20.10 and Laser Link include free e-filing for up to 1,000 forms to the SSA/IRS and those states that participate in the Combined Federal/State Filing program (CFSFP). Pricing for TFP 20.10 is $33.99 per year; Laser Link costs $51.99 per year. Web-based support and live support are included with the program. The products can be purchased and fully downloaded from the Tenenz website.

For businesses or employers with lower volume filing needs, Tenenz also offers, an online resource for filing most versions of form 1099, plus forms 1098, 1098-T, 1042-S, 5498, W-2 and W-2G. Pricing is volume-based and is as low as $0.95 per form filing, and includes efiling and mailing of the printable forms.

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