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25 Women who are Powerhouses in the Accounting Profession

Celebrating the 2013 Most Powerful Women in Accounting

From the Nov. 2013 issue.

Take one look and it becomes evident that the world around us is changing at lightning speed. Cloud-based businesses. Mobile technology. Flexible work schedules. Streaming media. Working from anywhere, anytime. This change isn’t tied to just one industry either, as any accounting professional will tell you. The accounting profession has witnessed enormous change over the years and one of the major forces behind that change has been women.

Last year, CPA Practice Advisor realized that women were not receiving the recognition they deserved despite their enormous influence on the accounting profession. We became committed to honoring the women who are making the greatest impact in this profession with our first annual Most Powerful Women in Accounting Awards.

We are excited to, once again, recognize true powerhouses both inside and outside of the office. The honorees of the 2013 Most Powerful Women in Accounting Award demonstrate true leadership and commitment though their professional contributions and initiatives, leadership and community involvement.

It’s impossible to work within the profession and not feel the impact that these women are making on the community. Several organizations and firms have started their own women’s initiative programs aimed at honoring and supporting women in accounting. Despite some of the trials and roadblocks some of our honorees have had to face, they have succeeded in entering into the profession and making a name for themselves.

The 2013 honorees each have unique stories and contributions to the accounting world. While some may have had to overcome dated stereotypes and environments, others never felt a stigma associated with being a woman. However, they are all united in their passion for and desire to impact and grow not just the current state of accounting, but future professionals as well. These women are aware of the power that exists behind their knowledge and experience and they are more than willing to use it for the good of the profession.

Yes, these women have changed the game of accounting and it will never be the same. Congratulations to the 2013 Most Powerful Women in Accounting.


2013 Honorees


Beth A. Wood, CPA – State Auditor, North Carolina

Carolyn Mazzenga, CPA – Partner, Marcum LLP

Cynthia Borders-Byrd, CPA – Managing Member, C. Borders-Byrd CPA LLC

Dawn Brolin, CPA, MSA – Powerful Accounting LLC, Radio Free QuickBooks

Edi Osborne – CEO, Mentor Plus

Elena Hesse, CPA – Director of Sales, Thomson Reuters myPay Solutions

Esther Phahla, CPA – President & CEO Phahla CPA

Gail Perry, CPA – Editor-in-Chief, AccoutingWeb

Gale Crosley, CPA – President & CEO Cros

Geni Whitehouse, CPA – Countess of Communication, Brotemarkle Davis & Co

Jean Rakich – Director, Training & Consulting Services, Thomson Reuters

Jennifer Katrulya, CPA – CEO, BRMG

Jennifer Warawa – Vice President, Partner Programs and Channel Sales, Sage

Jennifer Wilson – Co-founder and Partner, Convergence Coaching

Jill Ward – Senior Vice President, Intuit Accountant and Advisor Group

Karen Abramson – CEO, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

Kristy Short, Ed.D. – President; Chief Marketing Officer, RWC360; Rootworks

Mary Ann K. Travers – Partner/Valuation Services Leader, Crowe Horwath LLP

Michelle Golden – President, Golden Practices Inc.

Monika Miles, CPA – President, Labhart Miles Consulting Group

Rebecca Ryan – Co-founder and Author – Next Generation Consulting

Sandra Wiley – COO & Shareholder, Boomer Consulting, Inc.

Sharada Bhansali – Co-founder and Executive VP, AccountantsWorld

Stacy Kildal – QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Radio Host, QB Online Expert, Kildal Services

Teresa Mackintosh, CPA – President & General Manager, U.S. Software, CCH, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting


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