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Red Wing Software, Inc. — CenterPoint Payroll




2011 Overall Rating 4.25

Best Fit

CenterPoint Payroll is a good solution for most small businesses and payroll service providers who process payroll for multiple companies and who may want some limited human resource management capabilities. It’s also a good fit for organizations that use Red Wing’s CenterPoint or TurningPoint accounting software applications.


  • Check Designer option natively supports printing of paychecks, signatures and MICR data on blank check stock.
  • Employee documents can be output in multiple languages.
  • Time data can be imported from a wide range of applications in a text file format.
  • Direct deposit (your bank may charge a transmittal fee) and electronic filing available at an additional charge.

Potential Limitations

  • Does not natively support integration with accounting software other than CenterPoint or TurningPoint, other than exporting a text file from the CenterPoint Payroll application. Red Wing does offer an API allowing for direct integration; access to the API is normally limited to third-party partners.
  • A web-based employee self-service portal is being developed, but no final release date has been announced.


Red Wing Software handles unique payroll functions for many agriculture and nonprofit businesses; CenterPoint Payroll provides many customization options that may benefit any business type. The program offers a variety of customization options and straightforward navigation. Pricing for a single-user license is $795. Network users will pay $295 for each seat, and other add-on modules are available starting at $95.

Product Delivery Methods

_X_ On-Premises

___ SaaS

___ Hosted by Vendor


Basic System Functions 4.5

Reporting & Monitoring 4.5

Integration/Import/Export 4.25

Help/Support 4

Client Self-Service Features N/A

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