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Intuit, Inc. — QuickBooks Accountant 2011




2011 Overall Rating 4.5

Best Fit:

Firms whose clients mostly use QuickBooks and who provide general write-up and reconciliation work.


  • Comfortable, intuitive navigation & interface
  • Good reporting with PDF, Word, Excel output
  • Email invoicing & electronic payment options
  • Most commonly used program
  • Mobile apps for client-focused work

Potential Limitations:

  • Financial statement generation requires optional Statement Writer
  • Support is only free for 30 days

Summary & Pricing

As we’ve noted in previous years, one of the most frequently cited advantages of using QuickBooks Accountant is that it’s based on the same program used by the majority of small business clients, which eases data transfer in both directions. Many accounting firms are starting to use hosted versions of QuickBooks along with QuickBooks Accountant to gain better interaction with clients. The program also offers a good collection of write-up tools, with new tools for batch reclassifying, write-offs and client billing, as well as built-in trial balance, good customization options and a familiar interface. A single-user license costs $399.95; a three-user version is $1,099.95. The optional Intuit Statement Writer is $119.95.

Product Delivery Methods:

_X_ On-Premises

___ SaaS

_X_ Hosted by Vendor


Basic System Functions 4.75

Core Write-Up Features 4.25

Reporting & Financial Statements 4.5

Import/Export/Integration 4.5

Help/Support System 4.5

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