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How Commitment & Change Go Hand in Hand


A lot has been written about the need for accountants to rethink how they run their practices. In the July issue of CPA Practice Advisor, Executive Editor Darren Root wrote, “It’s time to challenge yourself and really think about providing and delivering services that clients want.” I would argue that the same holds true for companies who serve accountants. As customers, you must challenge vendors to find better ways to serve your firm’s needs and provide the necessary tools to meet today’s challenges. CPA Practice Advisor has taken this to heart.

Over the past eight months, CPA Practice Advisor has undergone monumental changes, all geared at better serving the accounting community and, in particular, our loyal readers. The publication was rebranded in January from The CPA Technology Advisor to CPA Practice Advisor. In February, we held our first Thought Leader Symposium. In May, we re-launched our website, and in July we added Jason Blumer, CPA.CITP to our impressive lineup of columnists.

Changing the publication’s name was a logical choice. Technology is omnipresent. There is little we do that does not involve some type of technology. Computers, the Internet, smartphones, tablets, apps, software and social media are such a large part of modern life that most people couldn’t function without some or perhaps all of these technologies. The challenge for you, as practitioners, is to determine which of the tools and processes available fit best with your practice. CPA Practice Advisor is dedicated to providing that information and being a true advisor. To accomplish that mission, we must be honest, knowledgeable, dependable, innovative and collaborative in our approach.

CPA Practice Advisor’s Thought Leader Symposium, which was held in February 2011, provided an opportunity for 25 of the top minds in tax and accounting to get together and discuss several pressing issues. Event sponsors Thomson Reuters, CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business and Sage had the opportunity to present their vision for serving accountants and receive feedback from the thought leaders. Both sides walked away from the symposium energized and with a better understanding of the current state of the profession. Plans are already underway to build on the great foundation laid at this first event.

Perhaps the greatest investment of our time and resources has gone towards the re-launch of It was well worth the effort. Improved navigation, enhanced content organization, more video, better search capabilities and a new weekly email newsletter provide visitors with the premier website for product reviews and insight from some of the most respected individuals in the tax and accounting profession. If you haven’t already been to the new site, I encourage you to go to today, register and become a regular visitor.

CPA Practice Advisor has invested heavily in putting together a team of respected contributors who are leaders in the profession. Executive editor Darren Root, CPA.CITP, managing editor Melody Steelman, and editors Isaac O’Bannon and Brian Tankersley, CPA.CITP, along with our all-star columnists, provide insight you won’t find anywhere else. The addition of Jason Blumer brings youth, excitement and a fresh way of looking at accounting. Jason has been recognized as one of CPA Practice Advisor’s 40 Under 40 and hosts a monthly podcast, the THRIVEcast along with co-host Greg Kyte, CPA. Jason told me that “the THRIVEcast is our warped and dysfunctional spin on the cloud, business, innovation, practice management and more.” Jason’s first column for CPA Practice Advisor is on page XX of this issue.

We would love to hear from you regarding the changes we have made. Your feedback is the best way for us to know what is important to you and discover more ways that we can help you manage and grow your practice. Contact me anytime at or 800-456-0864 ext. 2107.

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