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Intacct Corporation — Intacct Small Business - 877-437-7765

Small Business provides users with the perfect step up from entry-level products.
Offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, Intacct is ideally suited
for small businesses looking to expand flexibility with their software options.
Intacct Small Business contains many of the same features found in mid-range
accounting products and offers an easy future transition to other Intacct products.

From the June 2009 Review of Small
Business Accounting Systems: Tier II

Intacct’s main user interface is easily navigated, with a customized interface
that features a Main Shortcuts menu on the right side of the screen that provides
access to commonly used functions. Applications are listed to the left of the
screen and can be accessed from there as well as the toolbar at the top of the
screen. Available modules include Dashboards, GL, Order Entry, AR, Purchase
Orders, AP and Inventory Control. Clicking on a module displays a drop-down
menu with access to all module functions. Once you click on a module, a flowchart
display called the business process map appears on-screen, where you can also
access various system functions. Each module option includes Activities, Records
and Reports. The Records section includes useful list and add options, where
you can choose to display a list, such as a customer list, or add a new customer
to the database.

Intacct’s newest release features an enhanced user interface, making
customization easier than ever. The Favorites bar, accessible by clicking on
the red arrow to the left of the screen, allows you to store frequently used
applications, reports, and other data that’s accessed on a regular basis.

The data-entry screens are clean and uncluttered, offering options such as
pick (where you can look up the data you wish to locate), new (where you can
create new data records on the fly) and view (where you can access related data).
Edit and view attachment options are included, as well.

As previously noted, Intacct Small Business offers GL, Order Entry, AR, AP,
Purchase Order, and Inventory Control modules. Also included is a Cash Management
function, which includes a bank reconciliation function with the ability to
record fund transfers and reconcile credit card receipts. The Employee Expenses
category allows you to record employee expenses, approve reimbursements, and
track both expenses and reimbursements. Customization services include Ad Hoc
Reporting, the ability to add custom fields, and set up smart rules and smart
events. The company area is where you would set up new company data and preferences.
This is where you can also view everything from departments and department groups
to contacts, document folders and employees.

Security is set by user, with roles assigned to all who have access to the
system. Users are assigned a user type, along with a role and system preferences.
Intacct is accessible from any web browser, where users provide their own login
and password.

Each module in Intacct Small Business offers numerous reporting options. All
reports are easily customizable and contain various filters and values that
can be assigned to each report. Reports can be processed and saved offline,
for easy access without signing into Intacct. Reports can also be viewed, added
to the Dashboard or exported as a Word, Excel, CSV or Text files. For a report
that will be accessed repeatedly, you can choose to memorize it with the parameters
saved for easier future access. Intacct Small Business also includes the Quick
Start Financials, a pre-packaged grouping of commonly used reports, which makes
it easy for new users to access the data they need. Intacct Insight is a series
of tools that can be used to create interactive charts and reports, along with
the ability to create customized dashboards from specifically chosen financial

Intacct Small Business is designed to work with a wide variety of small to mid-sized
businesses and also offers industry-specific versions for nonprofits, franchises,
consulting companies, wholesale and service industry businesses. As well, a
host of Intacct-Ready Partners offer applications that easily integrate with
Intacct, including, which offers front/back office solutions,
and Avalara, which helps small business owners manage sales and business tax.
For payroll integration, you can choose from CompuPay or ADP.

For current QuickBooks users, you can easily import your QuickBooks data into
Intacct using CSV templates. Along with easy integration with third-party applications,
Intacct also allows easy data export of reports into popular formats such as
Microsoft Word and Excel.

Intacct offers a variety of support programs for its subscribers, including
live (chat) Help and email and telephone support. Standard support is available
during regular business hours and is included in the price of the monthly subscription
fee. Platinum support is also available at an additional cost and offers 24-hour
telephone support. Free online training is included in the subscription fee,
as well. A good Help feature and online manuals are also available for new users
to utilize if needed.

Intacct Small Business is a good fit for small to mid-sized companies who find
themselves in a transitional state. The flexibility of the SaaS model allows
easy access from just about anywhere, and the $400 per month subscription price
with support and training included can be easily absorbed by growing companies.