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AdaptaSoft, Inc. — CyberPay

the August 2006 Review of Service Bureau Style Payroll Systems

CyberPay provides service bureau-style payroll directed to accountants and
other providers of payroll services. CyberPay provides industrial-strength payroll
and supports an unlimited number of client companies, departments and employees.

Built to operate on the familiar Microsoft desktop, CyberPay provides an intuitive
interface that should be immediately comfortable to most users of Windows programs.
Data-entry fields offer tabbed-access or alternatively may be accessed with
the mouse. Hot keys and scrollable menus offer easy-to-learn access to the various
functions within the program.

CyberPay supports unlimited pay and deduction types. Employer and employee setup
is fast. The process is aided by custom templates, which are provided for client
companies and their employees. The HR component helps manage Cafeteria and 401(k)
plans with tracking of deductions, calculation of vesting and employer contributions,
tracking of employee anniversary levels, etc. CyberPay includes additional features
such as a Workflow Manager and a Billing System that supports automatic generation
of invoices. The CyberPay Online module extends the power of CyberPay to the
Web, providing direct online data entry with reports along with employee self-service

CyberPay’s Report Manager can provide more than 100 built-in customizable
reports including client invoices, cash analysis, taxes and other data, as well
as client reports for tax liabilities, direct deposit summaries, L&I, worker’s
comp., quarterlies, and deductions. Customized reports are available through
report options, allowing the user to quickly modify reports on a client-by-client

Financial reporting includes account reconciliation, GL reports (such as labor
and expense distribution), job costing, posting summary and detail, direct deposit
reports, pay runs, expense distributions, and others. The system produces forms
W-2, W-3 and 941. Payroll may be processed in batch or via client-by-client
individual printing. All payroll transactions and reports may be previewed prior
to printing. Reports may be saved in a variety of formats, and e-mailing of
reports is supported.

CyberPay supports export to QuickBooks and can integrate with Microsoft-based
applications. Transactions may be imported via ASCII and through time clock
applications. Transaction reports can be created in Microsoft Excel, HTML, Plain
Text, *.RTF and *.PDF file formats.

Technical support, conversion services, implementation assistance, program updates,
custom development, and ongoing maintenance are available through support packages
and are necessary to provide accurate payroll services. An initial new user
training package is available that includes on-site training at the CyberPay
facilities. A Kickstart Kit also provides good guidance for new firms. Context-sensitive
help via F1 and a variety of right-click Help menus are provided within the
CyberPay program. Overall, they do a credible job.

CyberPay offers a real service bureau, supporting those who have a significant
payroll preparation business. The program offers a user-friendly, well-organized
payroll experience that allows users to efficiently process client payrolls
and produce a wealth of reports. CyberPay is a high-end payroll software package
that is completely scalable to serve the needs of startup companies as well
as established service bureaus. Those starting out invest at a reasonable cost
yet can offer all the same features and benefits as the “big guys.”
Additional services can be added at any time. The base license fee for entry-level
CyberPay is $6,000. Monthly maintenance costs vary depending upon number of
companies or transactions processed. The monthly maintenance cost for up to
50 clients is approximately $300.

2006 Overall Rating: 5 Stars