2014 Review of Cabinet SAFE CLOUD

Best Firm Fit

  • Firms who want a product which can be accessed through a web browser or a client application with data housed either online or on local computers.
  • Companies who need a document management system within the desktop version of QuickBooks


  • The product is a very structured, and is relatively easy to use, and has features like drag and drop between the software and Windows Explorer
  • Direct QuickBooks integration and indirect integration into popular applications, including QuickBooks, Sage 100, SalesForce, and Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Options for on-premises or cloud hosting, and clients can use a browser or a client application
  • Product has a software development kit for custom integrations with other applications.
  • Workflow capabilities allow automated routing of documents.

Potential Limitations

  • The cloud version of the Cabinet SAFE requires a minimum internet upload and download connection speed of 3 Mb/second, which exceeds the available bandwidth in many DSL plans and may also be difficult when working out of the office or from a hotel.
  • Specific integrations are not available for most popular accounting firm applications, and the product’s structured environment may not meet the needs of some niche practice areas.


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