2014 Review of Doc.It Suite

Best Firm Fit

  • Public accounting and bookkeeping firms who want a single, best-in-breed solution to gather, process, store, and deliver documents.
  • The product’s features are designed for firms with between three and 300 users, although its core market has historically been smaller firms with between five and 100 users, with some firms with considerably more.


  • The application has modules for multiple document management needs, including Work Binder (used for projects in process), Archive Binder (for completed engagements), OCR/Automated Forms Recognition (automated text recognition and organization of source documents and tax forms), Workflow, and Portal.
  • A built-in PDF editor is included, which eliminates the need to purchase Adobe Acrobat for most users.
  • Archived files are converted to indexed PDF files, and have retention periods assigned to them which are linked to the types of document.
  • Good integration with popular engagement management software like CaseWare Working Papers and CCH ProSystem fx Engagement.
  • Doc.It is one of the only products in this review which allows firms to host portals on an internally hosted server, although managed hosting is available for a separate charge.

Potential Limitations

  • Doc-It does not currently offer a mobile application or “browser-based” access to documents, in the DMS, although the solution can be accessed over a remote desktop connection on some mobile devices.  Access to the Web Portal is available on mobile devices. .
  • Although the software can be implemented on a module-by-module basis, the software is only sold as a bundled solution.


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