2014 Review of Thomson Reuters FileCabinet CS

Best Firm Fit

FileCabinet CS from Thomson Reuters is part of the Thomson Reuters CS Professional Suite of applications for accounting practitioners, and should be considered by firms using other CS Professional Suite applications.


  • Good integration with other components of the Thomson Reuters CS Professional Suite of professional accounting applications, including automatic batch publishing of data into client folders.
  • Many CS Professional Suite applications can make backups of their data to a client’s file in FileCabinet CS.
  • Includes check-in and check-out, which is normally a feature of a full document management system instead of a document storage system.
  • The hosted versions of this product (SaaS for CS Professional Suite and the client add-on Virtual Office CS) relieve users of the need to install updates and operate a server to support CS Professional Suite applications.

Potential Limitations

  • No “recycle bin” exists in this system.  Once a document is deleted (accidentally or intentionally), there is not an easy way to retrieve it.
  • Integrated PDF editing requires the use of Adobe Acrobat (Standard or Pro, version 9 or higher).  Other PDF editors are not supported.
  • Unlike some other solutions in this segment, FileCabinet CS does not have integrations with products outside their suite of solutions, so while the product integrates with Microsoft Office, it may  have a less integrated workflow when working with other third party applications.


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