2014 Review of Kashoo


  • The excellent Kashoo app for iPad and Android tablets allows users to perform all of the tasks one can perform with a PC browser.
  • One of the only solutions which includes multiple currency support in entry-level subscriptions.
  • Kashoo’s Dashboard lists key balances and makes it possible to enter any new transactions by clicking on a tab for the transaction type and entering it without leaving the home screen.
  • The product supports both direct import of data from financial institutions and upload of transaction files (CSV, OFX, QFX, QBO, etc.) exported from financial institution websites by users.

Potential Limitations

  • Complex account structures and profit-center tracking (e.g. classes or divisions) are not natively supported.
  • There are no direct integrations for point-of-sale and customer relationship management (CRM) applications

Best Firm Fit: 

  • Micro-businesses that want to use an iPad or a browser as the interchangeable primary interface for working with their accounting application.
  • Businesses that want multiple currency support without having to purchase an upgraded plan with unnecessary features.
  • Micro-businesses and accountants who use FreshBooks to manage their invoicing and receivables.

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