2014 Review of CCH Sales Tax Returns Online and Sales Tax SaaS PLUS

Best Fit: Companies that need a sales tax calculation and compliance tool which has an option to outsource tax return compliance to CCH.  Businesses or firms that need current rates and a tax calculation engine to compute sales tax at an individual invoice line level for multiple locations throughout the US or Canada.  Companies and firms that need a solution which is a Certified Service Provider for Streamlined Sales Tax.


  • Sales Tax SaaS offers the option to prepare returns, look up rates, or calculate tax at an invoice line level from within many ERP applications.
  • The rates database and service has excellent tax rate coverage, including data for over 14,000 jurisdictions in the US and Canada as well as rules for events like back-to-school sales tax holidays.
  • Sales Tax SaaS is a Certified Service Provider for Streamlined Sales Tax.
  • The midrange Sales Tax SaaS PLUS product includes automatic data population into forms, and the higher-end PLUS version has tools for managing workflow and due dates, as well as the ability to set varying access levels for multiple users.
  • The Sales Tax Returns Online solution provides a toolset for automatically populating electronically-submitted sales and tax liability data into signature-ready PDF returns for each applicable jurisdiction and physical location where taxes are collected.

Potential Limitations:

  • The Sales Tax SaaS PLUS tool currently uses PDF-based forms rather than web-based forms and does not currently support electronic return filing and online remittance of payments.   (Note: Sales Tax SaaS PRO should not be confused with CCH’s Sales Tax Returns Online solution for the in-house tax compliance staff at large companies, which supports a number of advanced features, including electronic filing and remittance of taxes.)

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