2013 Review of TPS Time and Billing

Best Firm Fit: Small and medium-sized accounting and bookkeeping firms who would like a traditional on-premises application which uses modern technologies and integrates tightly both with Microsoft Office and QuickBooks.


  • Application is designed, marketed, and sold exclusively to accounting firms
  • Includes a user maintainable library of standard billing paragraphs which can be used to prepare client invoices
  • Tight integration with QuickBooks and Microsoft Office applications.
  • The application was recently rewritten to take advantage of the latest technology development tools, and includes tools which should allow the application to scale to larger firms
  • Includes support for the customer-paid Payclix payment gateway

Potential Limitations

  • The application does not have a web, mobile, or MacOS X version of the software, but TPS can be hosted online by commercial application hosting companies

Summary and Pricing

TPS is an excellent on-premises time and billing application, and its technology updates should allow it to work well into the future. Its legacy of supporting only accounting professionals and their practices makes it a good choice for firms who want a traditional time and billing solution which has industry practices built into the application.

TPS is priced starting at $399 for a single user, plus $169 for each additional user. Annual renewals and support plan pricing is available upon request.