2013 Review of FormMagic, Inc. – Tax-Mate 1099

Best Fit: Accounting firms working with large clients that need various import and integration options

What’s New:

  • IRS compliance indicator added to various forms
  • Print button added to each form for ease of use
  • Forms updated
  • W3 and W3C added to the W2 form


  • Multiple options for importing and entering data
  • Multi-client management tools
  • Built-in diagnostic tools

Potential Limitations:

  • No built-in invoicing option

Summary & Pricing
Tax-Mate provides complete management, filing and printing services that include managing multiple clients and filing and printing federal and state forms. There are several batch printing options, giving users flexibility and greater control. The comprehensive Advisor version costs $310 per year for unlimited in-firm users. Prices for the other versions are: Print, $99; Print+, $155; and Transmittal, $205.