2013 Review of CYMA Systems CYMA 13 Payroll

Best Firm Fit: Larger organizations looking to upgrade existing in-house payroll system or accounting professionals looking for an in-house solution to manage a large number of payroll clients


  • Customizable to fit needs of any size organization
  • Strong database level security over employee data
  • Reports may be fully customized, through users will need access to Crystal Reports
  • Newly enhanced employee self-service portal

Potential Limitations

  • Not suited for smaller organizations
  • No web based payroll solution without extensive IT involvement

Summary & Pricing

CYMA 13 Payroll is a payroll processing solution that is highly customizable to suit needs of any size organization or business type. Though not specifically designed for accounting professionals, the system can be used to process payroll for multiple companies. CYMA 13 Payroll is priced through a tiered model based on the number of employees processed. Pricing for unlimited client files starts around $750 and includes processing capabilities for up to 25 employees within each payroll company file. The CYMA Employee Self Service module has a starting price point of $495.