2014 Innovation Award Nominee: ScanWriter 2014 by Personable, Inc.

2014 Innovation Award Nominee:

ScanWriter 2014

Personable, Inc.

Manually entering transactions is time consuming, tedious, and can lead to inaccuracies in accounting.  ScanWriter has revolutionized the accounting industry by providing the only data entry automation solution to accurately feed data from a PDF document directly into the accounting software.  And, ScanWriter documents the entered data with an automated paperless workflow. 

This allows accounting professionals to increase profitability by servicing more clients, focus on client needs, and to improve efficiency by completing their current service in less time.  ScanWriter’ s flexibility allows accounting professionals to support various accounting programs and source documents, such as, Bank and Credit Card Statements, Vendor Bills, Tax Forms, Reports, and more.    Data entry that use to take hours/days/ weeks can be done in minutes. 



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