New Learning Center Helps Firms Achieve Next Generation Success

Leaders from RootWorks, LLC have expanded the company’s continuing education programming for the accounting profession with the opening its new state-of-the-art learning center. The new facility is located in the PNC Center in Indianapolis, IN, and is designed to host a roster of strategic planning workshops developed exclusively for today’s progressive accounting professional.

The RootWorks Learning Center, which features advanced multimedia capabilities, a contemporary 40-seat classroom, and a refreshment lounge, will serve as the primary venue for RootWorks' newly-designed continuing education and professional development curriculum. The curriculum was designed for RootWorks members to support ongoing learning and offer structured planning in transitioning their practices into Next Generation Accounting Firms, a model developed by RootWorks CEO, Darren Root, CPA, CITP, CGMA.

“We are really excited to offer RootWorks members expanded professional development opportunities at our new Learning Center, which offers an environment that facilitates open discussion, peer interaction, and discovery—in addition to being close to a variety of world-class amenities,” said Root. “With the rapid pace of change in the accounting profession, ongoing education and knowledge is critical for firm leaders and their employees. RootWorks is dedicated to ensuring that our members have the education resources and support they need to optimize their firms on every level.”

To meet the evolving needs of the accounting profession, RootWorks has recently organized its curriculum into two major categories: strategic and technical. Classes in the strategic category will focus on firm leaders, providing them with entrepreneurial and practice management education, lead primarily by Root at the new Learning Center, with the addition of some virtual classes as well. Technical classes will be delivered in a virtual environment to support firm leaders and their staff in learning operational processes, procedures, and software best practices and implementation.

The complete schedule of RootWorks Learning Center events can be found at In addition to workshops hosted at the Learning Center, RootWorks also offers a variety of other member education opportunities including online staff training, conferences, and many free webinars open to all members of the accounting profession.

The RootWorks Learning Center officially opened on June 1, 2014.