Aplos Software Expands Distribution of Nonprofit Accounting Software

Aplos Software LLC, which makes cloud-based accounting and management systems for nonprofits, has announced a series of distribution expansions that will position the company for significant customer growth in 2014. Its direct-to-consumer distribution channels are expanding, starting with the availability of its nonprofit accounting software on Amazon. Aplos Software also announced an upcoming reseller program, Aplos Affiliates, which allows professional bookkeepers and accountants to provide Aplos fund accounting software to church and nonprofit clients. 

Accompanying these developments, Aplos Software has expanded their team with the addition of Tawni Peterson as head of sales. A Fresno-native with a proven experience in building successful sales relationships, Peterson will lead the development of the reseller program while also building strategic partnerships with professional accountants, nonprofit organizations and trade associations.

“It is an exciting time to join this first-class team as they are perfectly positioned for major growth,” said Peterson. “Joining Aplos was an easy choice because Aplos’ commitment to serving the customer matches my own. I am eager to introduce the unique benefits of the software, new opportunities and scalability of Aplos within the cloud to our partners.”

An initial step in broadening the reach of the nonprofit software, customers now have the option to purchase an annual subscription for Aplos Accounting through Amazon.com. Users will activate their license purchased through Amazon, then access the web-based fund accounting software through Aplos Software’s website, www.aplossoftware.com. Historically, Aplos Software’s online nonprofit financial software was only available for purchase directly through its website, www.aplossoftware.com.

“Aplos Accounting is a perfect fit for small churches and nonprofits, but many of these consumers go directly to a major retailer to purchase a desktop software, never realizing a better cloud fund accounting software is available.  Amazon’s leadership in online sales and new expansion into SaaS software subscriptions made it a great first step to better reach these customers,” said Tim Goetz, CPA and co-founder of Aplos Software.

To enhance its relationships with professional nonprofit accountants and bookkeepers, Aplos Software will also launch their new Aplos Affiliate program in the coming months to provide a revenue stream for accountants that resell the accounting, donor management and e-file services to their church and nonprofit clients.

“Professional nonprofit accountants love how Aplos can broaden their service area and make their practice more efficient, but the new Aplos Affiliate program will take these relationships to the next level with increased revenue streams through reseller agreements and client referrals,” said Tawni Peterson, head of sales for Aplos Software. “We will also leverage the cloud to integrate with software vendors that serve the nonprofit sector to help streamline the customer experience.”