WTP Advisors Merges with N.Y. Forensic Accounting Firm BSG

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.  -- The New York-based forensic accounting and litigation support firm, Boucher Stickley Group (BSG), has merged with WTP Advisors, a global tax and business advisory firm.  BSG is known for its pioneering systems used to perform complicated quantitative analysis related to controversy resolution.

David Boucher and Timothy Stickley, both certified in Financial Forensics, founded BSG in order to concentrate their efforts in the forensic accounting field.  Under the terms of the merger, BSG will now become the Forensic Accounting practice area at WTP Advisors.

"We are the ones who sift through the details, analyze and interpret complex financial transactions, investigate the paper trail, and recreate what actually happened, whether providing support in a litigation dispute or offering consultation as to whether the books and records of a subsidiary accurately portray business operations or show some evidence of internal fraud," says Timothy Stickley.

The skill set required by a forensic accountant differs from standard accountants primarily in three areas: much greater emphasis on quantitative analysis, effective oral and written communication, and the ability to interpret and summarize the information for a general audience. 

Demand for forensic accountants remains high, and BSG's resources are sought after by a multitude of players in the marketplace, ranging from a corporation's finance or tax department to legal counsel to an individual involved in proceedings, all seeking computer financial forensics, discovery assistance, damage and statistical data analysis, and case coordination and management.

For example, when related party transactions are challenged by the IRS (i.e. transfer pricing disputes), BSG implements an exacting investigation to certify the company's position that the transactions were conducted at arm's length. 

David Boucher founded the software and consulting company, Decision Modeling, Inc. (DMI), in 1996 which provided software and consulting dedicated to the highly complex Global Interest Netting calculations required by many large corporations.  Timothy Stickley joined David in 1997 and eventually became President of DMI.  WTP Advisors acquired DMI's consulting arm, Interest and Penalty Advisors, LLC, in 2011.

In addition to the software and consulting, DMI often provided litigation support services to attorneys who required a complex quantitative analysis to support their case. 

"With our unique skill sets that include system design and creation, and highly quantitative capabilities, coupled with the accounting knowledge demanded of a CPA, Timothy and I are a natural fit for Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support," says David Boucher. 

Corporations may also engage a forensic accountant to scrutinize the financial records of a recently acquired subsidiary in order to discern its true internal performance.

"WTP partnered with BSG to bring the specialized skill set of Forensic Accounting to our Fortune 100 client base, further bolstering our ability to provide best in class advisory services," says Ian Boccaccio, co-founder and Partner at WTP Advisors

BSG and WTP Advisors share the same philosophy about providing paramount service to clients.  Their business model dedicates industry experts to each client project, driving efficiency and performance.  The quality of WTP and BSG's forensic services rivals that of the Big Four; however, it does not carry with it the high fees usually charged by them. 

BSG is a small, specialized practice that has grown out of 2 other firms; a software development company and a business consulting company.   Both David Boucher and Tim Stickley held roles at Arthur Andersen; Dave in Audit and Forensics, and Tim in the Small Business Consulting Group.  Both are Certified Public Accountants and earned their degrees in Management Information Systems from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

While running DMI, David and Tim continued providing services in the forensics field.  In 2010, they formed BSG to concentrate on forensics consulting.  BSG is experienced in providing expert testimony; analyzing large databases of records in class action defenses and tax disputes; valuation of damages, interest and penalties; and developing analytical systems.  They have worked alongside the American Arbitration Association, multinational oil companies, uranium trading businesses, other multinational corporations, and several smaller-scale companies.

WTP Advisors is a leader in tax and business advisory services for a global marketplace.  Our highly skilled professionals equipped with years of industry experience, coupled with our cutting-edge technologies, make substantive and long-term differences to an organization's profitability.  WTP Advisors is headquartered in White Plains, New York, with offices across North America, Asia, and Europe.