New system from FICO helps business with collections

Predictive analytics and decision management software company, FICO has announced the release of the FICO Debt Manager 9, an end-to-end collections and recovery solution that transforms the way creditors connect with their customers and collect debt.

The new version, based on a fully configurable, scalable architecture, gives collectors the most up-to-date customer information, the most effective collection strategies and the most expedient way to contact each individual customer.  

Shifting cultural attitudes about debt repayment, increased competition among creditors for payments, and the drive to preserve hard-won customer relationships mean that collections is increasingly seen as a customer service function. Debt Manager 9 is the most comprehensive analytics-based solution built to address all of these factors.

With real-time updates, users can confidently guide each and every customer interaction. Because users can modify strategies themselves, without IT intervention, they can fine-tune treatments to specific customer profiles and needs, rather than relying on crude, one-size-fits-all segmentation. In addition, FICO Debt Manager 9's integration with FICO Adeptra Risk Intervention Manager allows users to reach more customers more effectively using mobile application, voice, SMS, web or e-mail, thereby increasing their success rates.

Unlike systems that are limited to the processes and practices of a single industry, Debt Manager is designed for easy configuration to the unique requirements of a wide variety of creditor types, including financial institutions, government agencies, retailers, auto lenders, student loan providers and health care entities, as well as third-party collection agencies.

"We're committed to compliant collections, while leveraging analytical mining tools to allocate collection resources and target the optimal strategy to the appropriate segment," said Howard Enders, president and chief operating officer of Phillips & Cohen, a FICO collections and recovery solutions client. "The ability to develop efficient custom solutions on our own is a critical component to success."

Built using an open, service-oriented architecture, FICO® Debt Manager™ 9 is designed for streamlined deployment, and provides complete system-of-record accounting capabilities. The system also provides comprehensive security, audit capabilities and access to third-party data, vendors and services. The ease of configurability empowers business users, not just IT, to modify the system to meet stringent compliance mandates, as well as specific requirements for a variety of industries.

Debt Manager 9 also comes with built-in tools and supporting services to ease upgrade and training for clients on earlier versions of the solution, and for clients on other platforms interested in migrating to this latest release.

"Collections teams are increasingly challenged not only to increase their debt collecting efficiency and effectiveness, but also to provide a positive customer experience and meet challenging compliance requirements," said David Lightfoot, vice president, product management for FICO. "FICO Debt Manager 9, with its real-time decisioning and ease of use for business users, makes it much easier for credit grantors and their agencies to ensure an overall positive experience for their customers."