Commercial Logic Releases Updated Version of TrakTime for APS Advance

Commercial Logic recently announced the release of TrakTime for APS Advance Version 1.1.  Commercial Logic provides software solutions and consulting services to small practices and the top 100 accounting firms.

The updated version offers enhanced milestone tracking, allowing the user to identify important information, such as the staff responsible for the milestone, the target date for completion and the state of completion. The solution also provides contact information for each milestone and shows upcoming milestones as well.

“In APS Advance there is a wealth of available information,” says Peter Coburn, President of Commercial Logic. “We are always experimenting with better ways to simplify access to critical information for the reader. Because everyone uses the timesheet, that makes it an ideal platform for display of relevant information. If we can save a busy professional the time it takes to find the same information in another application, we will have done our job.”