Concur and Visage team up to simplify mobile expense management

For the first time, enterprises can access and leverage powerful, detailed data to centrally manage their employee paid mobility program – also known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This new capability is made possible by the release today of Visage MXP from Visage, a SaaS enterprise mobility management company.

As part of Visage’s integration with Concur, the leading travel and expense management provider, the task of managing employee mobility expenses can now be completely automated. Employee reimbursement becomes quick and easy while organizations get complete visibility into all company mobility spend – regardless of whether it is employee paid or company paid. 

The shift from corporate paid mobility programs (where the company selects and pays for the devices and plans) to employee paid (where employees get reimbursed for all or part of their mobility expense) has been well documented. According to research from Cisco, 89% of IT departments enable BYOD in some form. With that shift, IT and Finance have been struggling to effectively and efficiently manage BYOD costs, implementation, and policies with little or no data to drive business decisions. 

“This is a game changer – until now, companies have had no visibility into the plans, devices and real costs of their exploding employee paid programs – having to settle for a loss of control in their mobility program management and a single, aggregated “mobile expense” line item on the balance sheet,” said Bzur Haun, President and CEO of Visage. 

“Through MXP and our ability to understand and parse an employee’s carrier bills, we give IT and Finance the data they need to effectively and efficiently manage the plans, devices, expenses and policies around BYOD.”

“No one likes entering their mobile phone expenses every month and few businesses have the data they need to understand if they’re optimizing their spend in this growing category. This offering solves both problems,” said Tim MacDonald, EVP of Platform and Data Services at Concur.

“We worked closely with Visage to deliver this integration and it’s a brilliant example of the power of our platform to make life easier for employees while providing the visibility and control required by the enterprise.”

“Mobility has been accepted as the new reality. Businesses need a way to manage the influx of personal devices and control the costs associated with moving from a less than 15% of the workforce being mobile to over 75% of the workforce using a combination of corporate and personal-owned devices,” said Maribel Lopez, principal analyst at Lopez Research.

“Those firms that can embrace BYOD and support the solutions to manage it effectively will drive competitive advantage by accelerating business processes.”

The Visage MXP functionality is available today for companies that have both the Concur Expense and Visage MobilityCentral SaaS platforms. The two companies are co-marketing the integrated solution.