Updates to NeatMobile enhance cloud-based digital filing system

Neat, the company behind the Neat Receipts scanning and digital filing system for small businesses and individuals, has announced significant updates to the NeatMobile application.

The additional features for NeatMobile are focused on customers' increased demand for  solutions that allow them to access and manage their information from multiple mobile devices.  

In 2012, Neat expanded upon their Digital Filing System with the addition of cloud and mobile solutions, giving users a way to easily acquire, access and share documents across all of their devices. During the year, Neat experienced a 30 percent growth in its customer base, which has passed the 1.3 million customer mark.

"As we enter the post-PC era, more than ever before, people are demanding access to solutions that better manage their information in the personal cloud," said Kevin Garton, chief marketing officer for Neat. "Neat's combination of cloud and mobile services, desktop software, and hardware scanning solutions helps people transform information in a way that will simplify tasks and re-gain time.

"While there are many point solutions available today, Neat has set the standard by offering a single solution  that allows users to easily acquire, organize, access, search, and share their information from any device, anywhere, and at any time."

The updates to NeatMobile allow items to be shared as PDF files via email and, and also lets users hold items for upload to Neat's Digital Filing System until Wi-Fi connectivity can be established. Additionally, users who have subscribed to NeatVerify, a mobile data verification service, will be able to monitor and adjust the settings for their account directly from NeatMobile. NeatVerify will also include an expanded number of verification fields including the ability to verify purchase category, vendor, and sales tax amounts.

Additional updates to NeatMobile are expected in early Spring 2013 and include the following:

  • Organize – Neat makes organizing information in NeatMobile easier by allowing users to remotely delete, move, and sort files or folders in their Digital Filing System.
  • Share – Users can now share individual files or folders with anyone, anytime.  The person with whom they share will be able to view only the selected file or folder.  If a folder is shared, the parties can exchange comments on the items within the shared folder.

Neat's complete line of Digital Filing System solutions can be purchased online at Neat.com, as well as at online physical retailers such as Apple.com, Amazon.com, Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax and Best Buy.