New "Study Your Way" CPA Exam Prep system announced

Roger CPA Review has released a new "Study Your Way" solution to their course, allowing students optimum flexibility to study anytime, anywhere and customize their options.

When students enroll in the Roger CPA Review course, the new "Study Your Way" approach gives them the ability to tailor their course for their individual study needs with add-on products.  Two of these add-ons include Offline Lectures and an additional 6 months of course access, both of which can only be purchased in addition to a course enrollment. 

The "Study Your Way" solution also extends to several A La Carte options for students to enhance their studies as well.  One of these key products is the Roger CPA Review Cram Course, which is a condensed course designed to help refresh students' minds closer to exam day with the most highly tested CPA Exam topics. 

"I've found in my 20+ years of teaching the CPA Exam, every student studies differently," said Roger Philipp, CEO of Roger CPA Review. "While our hub course, the New Generation CPA Review Course that we launched back in August, provides students with everything they need to pass the CPA Exam, 'Study Your Way' will allow students with unique needs more study options to study their way."

Course Diagnostics and Study Planners help students track their knowledge, countdown to their exam date, and ultimately take control of their own success.  More intuitive online tools include side-by-side motivating lectures and online textbooks, the ability to take online notes and bookmark lecture videos.

The Roger CPA Review course is also designed for mobile, on-the-go studiers. The lectures are available on iPhones, Androids, and most mobile devices, while the lectures and all New Generation Course tools are now available on the iPad.