Intuit Connects SMBs with CPAs with New TurboTax CPA Select Offering

Intuit, maker of QuickBooks, TurboTax and Quicken, has released a new tax preparation and filing service just in time for the new tax season. TurboTax CPA Select is designed to connect small business owners looking for someone to file their taxes and CPAs. SMB owners can now know how much it will cost to prepare their taxes before they’re filed.

“With CPA Select, we are focused on being able to scale business on both the consumer and accountant side, giving customers what they want and need,” said Brian Crofts, Group Product Manager, Intuit.

Intuit will introduce the new service to its customers first at the Small Biz VCon on January 23 and then at the Intuit Innovation Gallery Walk on January 29. The Gallery Walk will be held at Intuit’s Mountain View headquarters from 4 - 8 p.m. PT and is an opportunity to showcase the company’s newest products and services. Intuit’s CEO and leaders also share their technology predictions.

TurboTax CPA Selects works by allowing users to browse a group of selected CPAs. Available CPAs have profiles, complete with pictures, star ratings, client reviews and educational and professional background information. Once a user selects a CPA, they upload and submit their tax return from the previous year and other tax documents, such as forms W-2 and 1099. The chosen CPA will then respond to the request within 24 hours with an estimate based on the submitted documents. Users then either accept or reject the estimate. If the estimate is accepted, the tax return is prepared and filed.

The online service is available for both small businesses and individuals interested in finding someone to prepare and file their taxes for them. To sign up, users either complete the registration form or login through the Facebook link on the page. In compliance with Requirement 7216, users will need to give consent for any documents they upload by typing their full name, the name of their spouse and the date. CPA Select also makes it easy for customers to message their chosen CPA directly, as well as chat or message with a customer representative from Intuit.

“It’s an online service, but it’s all about convenience, helping businesses and individuals find someone to file their taxes for them,” said Crofts. “Our customers have a directory of CPAs in one spot where they can view a picture, read testimonials from past clients and review the professionals’ backgrounds. This is also ideal for the “Do-It-Yourself” individuals who might need one-time help due to a change in their tax situation.”

CPAs that are a part of the TurboTax CPA Select network can connect their profile to their social media sites and manage their clients, documents and profile right from the dashboard. CPAs can also send customizable messages to clients.

The service is available now with plans starting at $89.95. Users of may also notice that CPA Select appears in their advice list for recommended services to save money.