Thomson Reuters Focuses on "Closing the Loop" to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Thomson Reuters recently announced a major change to its customer satisfaction survey in efforts to improve its products and the overall customer service experience for its users. The Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters provides tax and accounting software and services to help professionals with tax preparation, document management, payroll processing and practice management.

The new process, focused on “closing the loop,” will allow Thomson Reuters to connect with customers directly to solve their problems and issues. By eliminating survey anonymity, the company is now able to link the feedback received on surveys to other customer information, such as products used and customer history, to provide effective customer service. Respondents that provide poor feedback are marked for immediate follow-up to help resolve their issues.

“The traditional anonymous customer survey identifies general trends and provides directional information, but little that is genuinely actionable,” said Tobias Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters. “We’re changing the way we collect and respond to customer feedback as part of a systematic program designed to deliver an exemplary customer experience.”

In addition, response teams have also been created for each product line and in the EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latin America regions. Representatives from client services, customer support, product management, marketing and sales make up the teams, which will create action plans to improve overall product performance.

Other efforts to improve customer satisfaction include “We’re Listening” booths at customer and employee events, “Meet the Customer” events, a new help center portal and a new website. The “We’re Listening” booths were present at the annual SYNERGY conferences and provide customers with the opportunity to discuss their experiences with CS products and services. Similar to the booths, the “Meet the Customer” events will give customers an additional platform to provide feedback when they are rolled out in 2013. The new website, launched last week, is designed to provide personalized resources and tools to help customers in the tax and accounting profession.

“We conducted extensive user testing and collected great feedback from customers and other stakeholders as we designed and developed the site,” said Lee.