Commercial Logic Releases Hosted Solution for PowerPM

Commercial Logic, provider of software and consulting services to small practices and accounting firms, announced today the release of its Hosted Solution for PowerPM. The upgrade to the PowerPM practice management software provides firms with remote access to their PowerPM database.

Commercial Logic’s Hosted Solution for PowerPM is designed to improve productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. Hosted Solution is maintained and updated by Commercial Logic’s technical support team, reducing costs associated with IT staff overhead and hardware assets and maintenance. The solution also provides secured daily backups and disaster recovery. Users can also access files anytime, anywhere and collaborate with team members in multiple offices.

“Although we have not gone public with this product until now, we have already experienced a favorable response from several of our PowerPM firms,” said Peter Coburn, President of Commercial Logic. “Our clients have called us with issues to solve, we have responded with the Hosted Solution and their reception has been positive.”