Thomson Reuters Announces Major Enhancements to Workpapers CS

The Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters recently released a series of enhancements to its Workpapers CS software. New features include enhancements to the software’s document handling and workflow, image capture capabilities and digital annotation.

Users of Workpapers CS can collaborate in real-time while managing documents from several sources. Workpapers CS also allows professionals to perform trial balance calculations and view workpapers in a tree structure with review notes and signoff notations.

“With Workpapers CS, we’re building out the digital infrastructure that is enabling accounting firms to operate efficiently in a completely digital world,” said Scott Fleszar, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Tax & Accounting, Thomson Reuters. “The digital environment needs to be as intuitive as operating on paper but with far greater efficiency. Workpapers CS provides the functionality to make that happen.”

With the enhancements to the solution, tax and accounting professionals have even more paperless capabilities. New enhancements include the ability to create PDF files from images captured from mobile device cameras; trial balance integration with Microsoft Excel; the ability to add tick marks, stamps and text to PDF files; the ability to create bookmarked PDFs from engagement binders; and the ability to scan and preview workpapers.

“Practitioners need to be looking at digitalization as more than an enhancement to their workflow; it’s really a reinvention of the workflow around cloud-based and mobile technology, and Workpapers CS is a key part of that,” Fleszar said. “This latest release makes some important advances that will help practitioners create more efficient workflows, stay productive in and out of the office, and collaborate in new ways.”