Thomson Reuters Debuts Agile Tax - A New, Web-Based, Professional Tax System

Thomson Reuters' Tax and Accounting division just announced the debut of Agile Tax (, a new and totally web/cloud-based professional tax compliance system.For the 2012 tax-filing year, Agile Tax will include federal forms 1040, 1120, 1120S and 1065 and all states, along with federal 1041 and selected states.

While not the first web-based pro-tax system on the market (Thomson Reuters also offers the high-end GoSystem; and there are products from Intuit, Orange Door, CCH and a hosted version of Drake Software's system), Agile Tax is being billed as the first "production-grade" cloud-based professional system for high-volume tax preparation.

The system also offers a first-of-its-kind pricing structure: $100 per month for the first user (with a 12-month committment), with unlimited 1040 processing, including federal, all states and e-filing. Additional preparers can be added for $50 per month, and can be added on a month-to-month basis with no commitment period. Business returns are priced on a per-return basis at $45 each, including federal, all states and e-filing.

(You can read CPA Practice Advisor's 2012 review of professional tax systems here.)

"Agile Tax will bring greater productivity and flexibility to the professional tax preparation space, thanks to its cloud-based structure, extensive paperless capabilities, and convenient, subscription-based payment model," according to Jeff Fritz, director, Agile Tax.

“We have been providing high-quality software to the full-service tax and accounting market for more than 30 years,” Fritz said. “We are excited to introduce this revolutionary new product into the professional tax preparation market.”

Thomson Reuters will be offering demonstrations of the new system at IRS Nationwide Forum events throughout the year, including in Orlando, Atlanta, San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago and New York.

Agile Tax features include:

  • A Cloud-based platform that allows for anytime-anywhere access, automatic updates and backups, assured business continuance, and a smaller IT investment.
  • A scalable, subscription- payment model, with no upfront or renewal fees. This allows firms to simply pay a low monthly fee and add or remove staff as needed at any time during the year.
  • Extensive paperless capabilities, including web-based client organizers and secure online portals for delivery of completed tax returns and easy exchange of files in progress.

“Agile Tax brings capabilities that weren’t available to the tax preparer in the past,” Fritz said. “Now, high-volume tax preparers have a cloud-based software system that allows them to be more flexible, more productive, and more profitable.”