Treeno Software Releases New Version of Enterprise Document Management System

Treeno Software, Inc. recently enhanced its Enterprise Document Management system, providing businesses with the ability to manage critical documents and information more efficiently.

Treeno 4.0 offers an updated user interface, customizable dashboards and a built-in file viewer. These new features give users more control, aiming to increase productivity, but at a lower cost. The fourth-generation software costs $4,995.00 for an on-site system and $49.95 per month for a cloud solution.

“Since 2002, our web-based architecture has provided the robust performance, security and flexibility to support today’s evolving data trends,” said Will Thibodeau, Chief Technology Officer, Treeno Software. “We have offered our clients proven IT technology with their choice of server options – local or cloud-based – and fast, easy integration.”

Treeno 4.0 can be used to share important information across departments and offices, using its web-based platform. Features of the software included automated routing of recurring processes, document control and content versioning. The software is designed to make it easier to index images and documents using its updated file structure. Users can customize the dashboards to fit their individual needs and view numerous file types using the built-in viewer, eliminating the need for add-on mobile and desktop applications.

“Treeno EDM 4.0 represents the combination of more than 10 years of user analysis, together with our technical expertise in enterprise document management,” said Steve Tentindo, President, Treeno Software, Inc. “EDM is all about making workflow and operations as simple and efficient as possible. With our improved user-centered design, Treeno Software enables more people within any organization to leverage the value of this critical business application.”