NetSuite Offers Cloud Solution to Winner of CES “Last Gadget Standing”

Lytro, Inc., maker of the first consumer light field camera, replaced its in-house ERP system with NetSuite, the provider of cloud-based financial and ERP solutions. Using NetSuite software, Lytro will have the capability to manage financials, orders and inventory and track production costs, giving the company greater flexibility to manage and support its operations and growth.

Lytro’s camera, which won the top prize in the annual Last Gadget Standing competition at CES, is designed to take light field pictures with the press of a button. The consumer light field camera is scheduled to ship in Q1 2012 and captures the color, intensity and direction of light, allowing users to refocus pictures any time after they have been taken.

"Choosing NetSuite helps to ensure that we are prepared for the initial response that we anticipate as the Lytro light field camera enters the market, and the continued growth as the company gains traction," said Kim Jabal, VP of Finance at Lytro. "As an emerging business, NetSuite provides the tools and resources we need today, and can scale with our future growth."

NetSuite’s platform allows Lytro to scale and grow its business from start-up to enterprise while offering support for its complex supply chain. Through the platform, Lytro will have access to real-time data for each stage of the manufacturing, assembly and fulfillment processes, as well as details about every order processed. Demand Solutions Group, a NetSuite Solution Provider and SDN partner, helped Lytro integrate NetSuite’s SuiteCloud software with other custom software.

“Lytro is the classic emerging growth business, ideally suited for NetSuite’s cloud-based business solutions,” said Todd Fitzwater, DSG co-founder. “Lytro needs a software system that can support rapid expansion. NetSuite is exactly the right system to take them to the next level and beyond.”