Chrometa Plug-In for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail Offers “Automatic Time Entry”

Chrometa LLC, a developer of time tracking tools, introduced a new plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail that automatically captures email-based billing time.

The plug-in automatically tracks how much time Chrometa users spend reading and composing emails and enters that data, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Chrometa will record the subject line of the email and the to/from fields. Outlook users will also have the folder location entered as well.

"As great as Chrometa has been for automatic time capture, it’s had one big flaw — it didn’t have important details when generating email-based time entries,” said Brett Owens, Chrometa CEO and Co-Founder. “With CPAs spending the majority of their billable time in their email inbox, this was a big problem. For you heavy email users, we have great news – we now have special Chrometa plug-ins available for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.”

Chrometa is currently available for a free 14-day trial and current users can download Chrometa’s plug-ins for Outlook and Gmail.