CCH Small Firm Services Partners with Tax Rite

CCH Small Firm Services has partnered with Tax Rite to offer its customers resources for tax advice and technology issues.

Illinois-based Tax Rite offers subscription-based services, Technical Solutions and Tax Hotline. Technical Solutions has over 14,000 certified and licensed technicians that help customers with issues involving safeguarding their information, installing software upgrades, setting up networks and peripheral printers and backing up and storing data. Support is available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week with remote access capability and the option to schedule a visit to their office.

“Technical Solutions is a great opportunity for us to upgrade the level of service available to our customers,” said Kim Manuel, Vice President of Customer Relations at CCH Small Firm Services. “Our expertise revolves around software. Technical Solutions delivers the same high level of expertise in the hardware and systems areas while giving our customers a chance to save money on IT services.”

Through the Tax Hotline service, customers can receive professional tax advice from qualified CPAs, enrolled agents and tax attorneys on a variety of tax issues. Hotline experts consult with customers for business and personal needs providing tax tips, advice regarding tax law changes and confidential answers to issues.

“Tax Hotline gives our customers solutions to complicated tax issues,” noted Manuel. “It’s like having a second opinion at your fingertips, and that’s a win for both our customers and their clients.”

CCH SFS will offer both services to customers beginning in January 2012 for a monthly fee.