CBIZ Partners with RAMI to Enhance Valuation Services

BOSTON – April 30, 2008 -- CBIZ (NYSE: CBZ -- www.cbiz.com), the nation’s leading professional business services consulting firm, and Real Asset Management International (www.realassetmgt.com), which develops software for optimizing fixed asset management, today announced an agreement that will enable CBIZ to enhance the services it provides clients by using and reselling RAMI’s Asset4000.

CBIZ is the largest benefits specialist and one of the largest accounting, valuation and medical practice management companies in the U.S.

“Asset management is a cornerstone of fiscal responsibility, touching on many critical areas,” said Marcus Scholes, Vice President of U.S. Operations for RAMI. “These include physical tracking, determining insurance premiums and property taxes, establishing proper valuation during litigation, mergers and acquisitions or when seeking financing, and for developing the most beneficial depreciation strategies.”

CBIZ will use Asset4000 in its Valuation Group, which provides financial advisory, valuation and litigation services. The group’s clients include school districts, municipalities, counties, insurance risk pools, private sector companies, hospitals and healthcare organizations. CBIZ will also offer Asset4000 to clients who have opted to retain asset management functions in-house.

“Asset4000 will provide bottom line savings for CBIZ and our clients because it will help us realize efficiencies by consolidating varying systems that were in use in different CBIZ offices,” says David Bowerman, President of CBIZ Valuation Group. “RAMI offers a single system that requires less training and internal support, enables us to set uniform policies and procedures, and also provides a consistent reporting platform.”

“With many organizations facing budget cuts, allocating the internal resources to maintain their property records accurately is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge,” says Kory Dogs, Managing Director of CBIZ Valuation Group’s Northern office. “Asset4000 will allow CBIZ to offer organizations a cost-effective means of keeping up with these critical processes.”

About CBIZ
CBIZ, Inc. provides professional business services that help clients better manage their finances, employees and technology. As the largest benefits specialist and one of the largest accounting, valuation and medical practice management companies in the United States, CBIZ provides its clients with financial services including accounting and tax, internal audit, merger and acquisition advisory, and valuation services. Employee services offered by CBIZ include group benefits, property and casualty insurance, payroll, HR consulting and wealth management. CBIZ also provides IT, hardware and software solutions, government relations, healthcare consulting and medical practice management.

About Real Asset Management International
With over 3,000 client implementations in more than 70 countries, RAMI’s solutions enable businesses to determine and implement optimal accounting strategies, maintain compliance with federal and state taxation and perform asset budgeting and forecasting. The company’s solutions also cover lessee asset accounting, capital project control, document management, inventory control, asset tracking, help desk support and maintenance management.