Keep More Green This Holiday Season and Beyond

DALLAS – Does potential holiday debt, end-of-the-year tax issues, looming college costs, and meager retirement savings make you blue?  Texas Society of CPAs can help fine tune your finances with 12 days of tips.  Loosely based on the popular carol The Twelve Days of Christmas, the following strategies are available at

Day One: Create a Holiday Budget to Secure a Stress Free Season
Day Two: Communication is Key to Avoiding Spending Conflicts
Day Three: Plan Ahead to Enjoy Those Golden Years
Day Four: What to Do When the IRS Comes-a-Calling
Day Five: Tax Deductions That Are Golden
Day Six: Are You Stressed About College Costs?
Day Seven: Stay Out of the Deep End of Debt
Day Eight: Using an Employer's 401(k) Program to Your Advantage
Day Nine: How to Prepare for Your Tiny Dancer
Day Ten: Credit Cards: Spend Smartly, Carefully
Day Eleven: Take Steps to Protect Yourself; Personal Finances
Day Twelve: Resolve to Improve Your Finances in 2011

Click here to see the 12 Days of Personal Finance tips…. Happy Holidays!

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