SurePrep And The Center For Project Management Partner To Provide Workpaper Automation Implementation Solutions

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – SurePrep and the Center for Project Management (CPM) have launched a strategic partnership to deliver SurePrep’s industry leading tax workpaper automation software and services with CPM’s proven change management methodology and tools.

“Our tax workpaper automation technologies enable accounting firms to work more efficiently and profitably than ever before, and successful process changes require a managed approach. The Center for Project Management has been providing expert guidance in the area of project and change management through their five phase methodology since 1976,” said SurePrep President and CEO David Wyle. “SurePrep offers the best in class technology, and through our partnership with CPM we have an implementation approach that defines a new standard of excellence.”

Through this new partnership SurePrep offers implementation solution packages designed for every segment of the market bringing a blend of leading edge methodologies, targeted education, guidance and ongoing support.

“Implementing tax workpaper automation technology represents a business transformation for accounting firms. Evolving the core activities of the organization brings significant change. The application of project management best practices together with effective change management is the recipe for a successful implementation. CPM’s expertise brings these capabilities to SurePrep’s market leading technology and, together, the solution is compelling”, said Raj Kapur, Executive Vice President at the Center for Project Management.

SurePrep Company Overview
Founded in 2002 by a CPA, SurePrep’s automated electronic workpaper solutions, advanced OCR tools, automatic tax return population functions and onshore and offshore outsourcing options are used by nearly half of the top 100 accounting firms in the country. One of the keys to SurePrep’s success has been its continued development and enhancement of its products and services to meet the constantly changing needs of the profession. The company’s outsourcing options, which include U.S.-based, onshore preparation, have grown to accommodate increased demand, while continuing to provide secure tax return processing and bookmarked PDF workpapers organized in a preparation and review-ready format.

With SurePrep’s solutions, tax and accounting practices are given the ability to work smarter, not harder, increasing productivity and profitability, while promoting fully digital document retention. SurePrep’s products and services have been used in the preparation of nearly 700,000 tax returns and the company is committed to continuing its mission of developing technology and service solutions that aid the tax and accounting profession.