Chrometa Introduces “Smart Time Capture” Software For Accounting Professionals

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Feb. 23, 2011 – Chrometa LLC, creator of productivity and time capture tools, today announced the availability of its cloud-based time management application, Chrometa. Through Software-as-a-Service technology, the updated version is designed to help accountants increase monthly billings and maximize potential revenue without working more hours.

In addition to the time tracking capabilities included in earlier versions, "smart time capture" capabilities remember previous actions and classifications of tasks. For example, users can set keyword-based rules, e.g., a client’s name. Any time the user works on a tax return, audit, compilation, consulting engagement or any other accounting matter with the keyword identified, Chrometa will automatically group the time in the appropriate category. As a result, Chrometa captures and categorizes all billable activity with no effort or data entry required on the user's part.

"Ease of use and quick time reconciliation were the driving factors for Chrometa’s web app," said Brett Owens, CEO and co-founder of Chrometa LLC. "We want to simplify our customer's lives, so we made Chrometa smarter. Comprehensive time capture and fast categorization by account/client are very important to our users, and thanks to their great feedback and input, we've drastically improved these features in our new web app. With users increasingly computing on more and more devices, we knew it was important to build a cloud app that could sync the time spent on each device and consolidate it in a central secure location for quick time reconciliation.”

How Chrometa Works:
• Chrometa is a software tool that runs in the background of a PC, without interfering with established work flow and routine.
• Chrometa automatically records the amount of time spent editing documents, writing e-mails or even conducting research online.
• Chrometa's logs contain only relevant activity; keystrokes and content are not stored in order to protect information and confidentiality.
• Time entries are uploaded securely to the user’s central web account for quick time reconciliation.
• Keyword-based rules are available to further automate and facilitate the time reconciliation process.

The ability to manage client confidentiality is built into Chrometa with unique features that allow users to track specific activities the professional chooses, or even block other activities that users would not like tracked. The new release also includes the ability to delete activities. Data is stored securely on Amazon’s cloud servers, and HTTPS encryption is utilized throughout the application to provide maximum security.

Chrometa’s web app is available now for a free 30-day trial (no credit card required) at Chrometa or call 916-254-0260 to speak with a company representative. Chrometa is available immediately for a $19 per month pay-as-you-go fee, which includes free e-mail and phone support.

About Chrometa LLC
Headquartered in Sacramento, Calif., Chrometa, LLC, is in the business of saving time and maximizing efficiency. Chrometa’s time tracking tools are used by accountants, lawyers and other professionals to enhance revenue and gross billings. In the near future, Chrometa will release a version for Mac users. More information at