iConcepts Inc.

iConcepts Inc.

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705 Misty Hollow Drive
Maple Glen, PA 19002

Phone: 866-944-6427

Tech support number: 834-742-5668

From $249

Created by professionals for professionals!  The OIC Tax Planner is interactive desktop software that provides the required forms, information and help on all current IRS collection matters.  All bundled together in a fill-in-the-form program that allows you to enter information once and flow to appropriate schedules, forms and overflow sheets generating a ready to submit Form 656.  The OIC Tax Planner is for the seasoned tax pro having an intermediate level of understanding of the intricacies involved in the submission of Form 656 to the IRS. Our software has helped thousands of our clients just like you and help secure that elusive IRS acceptance of an OIC for your client.  Because the rules, forms and protocols change from day to day, the OIC Tax Planner support network searches the IRS site to find the latest form updates and alerts you to download them to your system.  We even offer an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.  Try it for yourself for as low as $249!