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DoubleSight is a leading manufacturer of Multiple Monitor Solutions, Portable Monitors, Large Monitor Displays, Digital Signage and Monitor Mounting Solutions.

DoubleSight's design team strives to enhance the consumer experience with an eye on developing Total Solutions which are unique for business and home use. Our commitment to offering complete solutions is evident in our turnkey Multiple Monitor Solutions. Dual, Triple and Quad Monitors are a key element for today's business environment for increased productivity and accuracy on the desktop and DoubleSight is the easiest way to deploy multiple monitors in the work space.

Our new line of Digital Information Displays will revolutionize the way companies utilize Digital Signage in their business. DoubleSight offers a choice of LCD Displays for a variety of uses with integrated processors and stands for a truly cost effective Digital Signage Solution.

DoubleSight provides Monitor Solutions in sizes ranging from 7" Portable USB Monitors to 30" High Resolution Monitors.  Our Smart USB Monitors are small, light weight and protable.  USB Monitors are perfect for the business traveler and a variety of utility applications.  DoubleSight's 5-Series IPS Monitors feature models ranging in sizes up to 30" with superior color reproduction and maximum resolution.

No matter what your monitor need is, DoubleSight has a solution sure to fit the bill. Quality on the inside and great design on the outside add up to Solutions that matter for your business. DoubleSight products provide a blueprint for success.

DS-1900SA Dual Monitor Solution

DS-1900SA Dual Monitor Solution

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