A Seat at the Management Table

From the Blog: Bridging the Gap

A far too common myth in many CPA firms is that you must be a CPA to manage and understand the firm. This is simply not true and is costing firms a lot of time and money while reducing their ability to compete today and into the future. Requiring a CPA certificate to have a seat at the management table is holding back some of your best talent and limiting the firms potential for greater success.

One party that should have a seat at the management table is your CIO, especially if you want to leverage technology as a strategic asset. Let’s look at five ways CIOs can provide you a strategic advantage and why they should be contributing members of your management team.

  1. CIOs bring a different perspective to the table than most partners. They see the entire enterprise and approach strategy from the viewpoint of breaking down barriers and siloes.
  2. CIOs understand how technology can improve efficiency and effectiveness. They can provide innovative insight into firm and client strategies that will add value.
  3. The firms with the best technology are those firms with strong IT leadership. CIOs often have to deliver news that client service partners don’t want to hear – “we have to invest”. Having a strong CIO on your team who supports the firm’s vision and integrates technology is a strategic advantage.
  4. CIOs have project management skills essential to the success of the firm. These are skills that most partners, managers and staff lack even though they would be extremely beneficial.
  5. One of the key roles of the CIO is to assist leadership and management in developing new services and revenue streams. A quality CIO can assist you in meeting these challenges