New Mobile Monitor for Those on the Go

I know a lot of professionals who are frequently mobile, whether it's accountants like Jason Blumer, CPA, who prefer to sit in a coffee shop all day, those who are audit experts like Tim Gavin, CPA, and are more likely at a client's than their own office, or those like Joyce Washington, CPA, who work from everywhere with a laptop. One of their biggest productivity challenges comes from growing used to two, three or more monitors in their office, and then having to go back to one while they're on the road. There are a few mobile monitors on the market now, but they don't seem to have really grabbed the accounting profession's love. But a new one from Toshiba has promise, I think. The Toshiba USB Mobile LCD Monitor looks similar to an iPad or other tablet device, and is about the same size, except it's designed to be used as an additional monitor, with a simple USB connection that supplies the power and the data connection. It sports a 14-inch screen with 1366 x 768 HD resolution, and comes with the case that's shown in the picture, which can double as a stand. The price: $199 from Toshiba's web store, and is also available at other online retailers.