Holiday Madness

Each year, for reasons even I do not understand, I blog something that has nothing at all to do with technology or accounting.  Last year, for example, I gave away my sister-in-law's super-secret recipe for eggnog, an act for which she has yet to forgive me. But the truth is that tech is mostly wrapped for the year.  The Form 990's are filed, tax season is a few weeks away, the Q3 and October filings all done... This year, I'm going to place a bet on the final outcome this week of "Dancing With The Stars."   To cut to the chase, I think it's going to be Kyle Massey.  And I will be glued to my TV this week to see if my powers of prognostication hold true. Understand, I am not a dance kind of guy.  I watch "DWTS" for the same reason that millions of other guys around the globe watch it -- I am forced to by the woman I love.  Who is addicted to it.  Yes, I also watch her soap operas.  And some wretched crime network about unsolved murders and adulterers. It is what we do for our ladies.  But I have watched all season, listened to the howls of outrage about Bristol Palin, watched as poor Jennifer Grey tried not to act as the perpetual bridesmaid, and put my money on Kyle.  For the following mathematical reason: Kyle Massey is a rising Disney star + Disney owns ABC TV + ABC Airs "Dancing with the Stars" + the producers, paid "dance experts" and production crew owe their livelihood to ABC/Disney + the voting is as hokey as the day is long + get a grip, reality TV is staged = Kyle wins so Disney can cash in on the new fame of their infamously bad dancer on a new Disney series. If they just smacked Bristol in, say, week two, they would have been denied the ratings of churning up the political furor.  The drama.  The angst.  The Sarah Palin connection.  And they would also have had to explain why a Disney comedian who cannot take three steps without stumbling wins.  Now, he wins and their ratings go through the roof, Bristol fans are outraged, Bristol-haters give a sigh of relief, and Disney laughs all the way to the bank.  Jennifer Grey wins the Good Sport Award and maybe gets noticed for a new acting role, if there is any fairness to it all.  Perhaps in a Disney movie. We have not seen tragic theater like this since the Greeks, and I love it.  But now I have the madness out of my brain, and can return to the intersection of Tech and Accounting.  Unless, that is, someone wants Mom's secret recipe for from-scratch 60 minute dinner rolls?